CoHSAT has received a second grant from the Low Carbon Hub to carry out a new set of projects that contribute towards the Hub’s aim: to cut Oxfordshire’s carbon footprint and contribute to the creation of a decentralised and locally owned renewable energy system. The five activities for 2020 – 2021 are strongly focused on reduced car use and thus carbon emissions and air pollution: 

  1. The opportunities to convert St Giles into a public space
  2. The mismatch of narrow pavements and wide roads on certain streets
  3. The provision of good quality, on-road cycle parking where none exists at present
  4. Assisting the development of new Healthy Streets and Active Travel groups in several county towns
  5. Examining the feasibility of producing an annual ‘state of travel in the county’ report that can monitor

Read more about each individual project by clicking below.

With thanks to the Low Carbon Hub for their continued support.