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Northcourt Road – reducing traffic and pollution

Through traffic on Northcourt Road in Abingdon was blocked by roadworks for most of December,  reducing traffic and pollution. Several local campaigners, such as Abibike, are investigating whether a permanent traffic restriction in Northcourt Road would reduce rat-running and enable safer walking and cycling to the schools, college, shops and community centres, plus reduce air pollution. CoHSAT is running a …

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On Yer Bike: Radical Connecting Oxford transport changes will benefit us all

Oxford city is gridlocked. Our beautiful streets are blighted by traffic jams morning and evening. With more vehicles crossing the ring road, journey times both by bus and car are increasing. Air pollution exceeds safe levels in many of our congested streets. Cyclox welcomes these bold plans to reduce journeys by cars, to speed up journey times for all, and …