CoHSAT Connecting Oxford workshop at Wesley Memoria

Bold plans for Oxford discussed at CoHSAT workshop

CoHSAT organised a workshop on 8th October 2019, to collectively develop the ideas that we, as individuals, and separately our member organisations can promote in their responses by the deadline of 20th October 2019. The objective of the evening was to help the councils develop this positive vision for Oxford, to understand the impacts of Connecting Oxford on different road users, to develop CoHSAT’s response to Connecting Oxford and inform coalition members for their responses.

Over 40 people attended the workshop for a lively discussion on the proposals, with mostly positive comments such as “never thought I’d see something like this in my lifetime.”

CoHSAT will now use the comments to prepare a response on behalf of our members.

Read the notes from the evening here or click the button below to respond to the proposals.

CoHSAT Connecting Oxford workshop notes fr




One thought on “Bold plans for Oxford discussed at CoHSAT workshop

  1. Hi! My name is Elena and I’d like to point at several main issues that the UK cities and especially Oxford have.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Oxford as a modern comfortable European city.

    — Historical city centre in 21st century still lets cars, buses and taxis in. Take any European city within this list and look if their city centre completely closed for any types of cars.
    — Unacceptable pavements surface. A very low quality. Many times I nearly fell over just walking in trainers.
    — Pay attention to trains infrastructure + trains tickets subsidies. Encourage people to use public transport and! make it comfortable.

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