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Read CoHSAT’s response to Connecting Oxford

Following a workshop on 8th October and clarifications from the city and county councils, CoHSAT has produced this response to the inspirational Connecting Oxford proposals. We are more than happy for you to use it for your own submissions or for you just to add your name in endorsement.

We wholeheartedly commend both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council for their radical plans outlined in Connecting Oxford. Taking such bold steps to tackle demand is the only way to resolve the problems of travel in and into Oxford, with people stuck in traffic jams, creating congestion, air and noise pollution, and unsightly impacts on our beautiful city.

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With only 5 days to go until the response deadline, we urge you to submit a positive response to the plans.


One thought on “Read CoHSAT’s response to Connecting Oxford

  1. The primary objective of the plan is to mitigate the negative effects of traffic within the boundaries of Oxford’s Ring Road. This requires the reduction of air pollution by NOx and PM2.5 and of CO2 emissions from petrol and diesel, as well as a change in balance between pedestrians/cyclists and motor transport to create a more people-friendly street environment.

    The planners should consider:

    The extent to which drivers will adapt, so that the daily flow of traffic on the Ring Road is actually increased rather than reduced overall, needs to be established before the Council plans are finalised.

    Immediate active discouragement of Oxford City centre parking by increasing the incentive for incoming motorists to use Park and Rides – e.g. commuter bus passes for 300, 500 and other routes.

    Should there be a distinction between electric and IC powered vehicles – electronic recognition, for example?

    Liaising with Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities to reduce the motor traffic footprint morning and evening – how many currently unrestricted parking places are available, and how many are actually needed?

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