Parking and parcel deliveries at the University of Oxford Colleges

The parcel delivery market has seen dramatic growth over the last few years. With city congestion in the city reaching untenable levels, and the contribution to air pollution and carbon emissions spiralling out of control, there is a need to understand the “last mile logistics” of this process, the final step when parcels from a distribution center are delivered to colleges.

The University of Oxford has been gradually reducing the number of departmental parking places, but it has no jurisdiction over the autonomous Colleges. Little is known about how many parking spaces the Colleges possess, but it is probably in the 1000-1500 range.  A survey of the Colleges will be undertaken to establish the number, present uses and likely opportunities for reduction, in order to both increase awareness and concern in the Colleges and to inform policy in the City generally.

Photo overlooking Oxford

CoHSAT will research the factors that might influence individual colleges to voluntarily reduce their car parking provision, through discussions with bursar members of Conference of Colleges, Oxford City Council, etc. We will also survey College bursars to understand the issues around parcel delivery and establish an evidence base for taking action to reduce deliveries and their impact on air pollution and carbon emissions.