School Streets

Our focus for this activity will be to identify the barriers to modal shift from car to active travel for the school run. As an increasing number of school trips are by active travel, there is an emphasis on those remaining parents who are still driving their children to school and who now represent the greatest danger to the walkers and cyclists. It is a research exercise to understand the perspective of these car-driving parents in preparation for new policies later.  We will consider all school sectors (nursery, primary and secondary; state and independent; rural and urban) to see if the barriers are common, together with one or two specific issues eg no rural bus service.

There are more daily car journeys to school than for work so this is an important group of car users.  School Streets are being introduced in six state schools in the County through Sustrans and others within the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods projects. We will ensure we supplement and support their work, not duplicate it.