160120 Newspaper response to complaint

CoHSAT complains about biased questions in Council survey

CoHSAT is urging people to complain to the city council over what are being described as “biased questions” in its survey on public attitudes regarding the city centre, with “Cyclists riding irresponsibly” being the only transport-related issue highlighted. The Public Attitude Survey on the City Centre consultation was launched in November and closes this Sunday 12 January 2020. It is billed …

Elderly lady riding a bicycle

Join us at the ‘Like Riding a Bike’ conference 7-9 September 2019

Come and join us from 7th to 9th September 2019, for a conference on how to get people who used to cycle, or have never cycled, onto bikes. It will be a day full of informative talks, interactive workshops, cycle tours and an expert panel, plus your chance to try out  electric bikes and adapted bikes! The conference is being …

Andrew Giiligan.

London’s former Cycling Czar appointed as Transport Advisor to Boris Johnson

Journalist Andrew Gilligan has been appointed as the transport advisor to new British prime minister, Boris Johnson. Gilligan was Cycling Commissioner from 2013 to 2016 when Johnson was Mayor of London and was responsible for pushing through London’s curb-protected “cycle superhighways.” He has said in the past the process of getting approval for the Cycle Superhighways was “a pretty big …