Cowley Road retail continues to outperform in early 2024

Photo of Dosa Darlings restaurant in Cowley Road, with a full cycle rack in front, pedestrians, and two people cycling past.

Our updated survey of shops on Cowley Road in Oxford shows shows the street continues to outperform the nation in retail vacancies, with more shops and restaurants open on Cowley Road since last year, contrasting with increasing closures across the UK. On Cowley Road, we found that Central Bar and Restaurant, Spring Tea and Dosa […]

Better bus services coming to Oxford in 2024

A green electric bus on Magdalen Bridge in Oxford

Oxford’s decades-old traffic problems will be tackled by new Traffic Filters, planned since 2015, and due to be trialled from late 2024. These should reduce congestion to the free-flowing traffic we see in school holidays. The Traffic Filters provide three main benefits: Priority users, such as buses, lorries, vans, taxis, health workers and disabled people will […]

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2024

Tvp Roads Wide

2nd May 2024 saw the elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley Police. Matthew Barber was re-elected. The full results were: Matthew Barber (Conservative) – 144,092 votes Tim Starkey (Labour) – 141,749 votes Tim Bearder (Liberal Democrat) – 84,341 votes Ben Holden-Crowther (More Police Officers for Thames Valley) – 46,853 votes Russel Fowler (Independent) – 31,460 […]

Road casualties halved in Cowley LTN

Car Crash Pic

A study of Police data released in September 2023 shows that road casualties in the Cowley Low Traffic Neighbourhood Areas (LTNs) have reduced by about half from their pre-LTN levels. CoHSAT analysed the data in the 3 Cowley LTNs and their boundary roads for 2022 compared to the pre-LTN and pre-Covid period of 2015-2019. They […]

CoHSAT / Abingdon Liveable Streets guide to shared cars and Co-Wheels

Picture of Co-Wheels car plugged into a charger

Abingdon, like most Oxfordshire towns, has a car sharing scheme. For the individual, car sharing allows you to use a car when you need it, without the hassle and cost of owning one. For the wider community, car sharing with electric cars reduces the number of parked cars and reduces pollution and noise on the […]

Cowley Road retail shows its resilience in difficult times

Image 1

No-one likes a high street with empty stores. The ‘vacancy rate’, the percentage of shops that are empty, or not open for business, is a standard indicator of retail health. In November 2018, Cowley Road had 12 retail vacancies. CoHSAT used Google StreetView and street surveys to find that in July 2023 there were 11 […]

Ask Your Councillors to Get Oxford Moving

Traffic2 Abingdon Road With Bus 20220630 164623 Rtucker

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Cabinet will decide on the transport strategy for Oxford and six traffic filters on 29th November. Decision-makers will be forming their views before that – this very week! These plans are the last, best hope to end a decade of gridlock, add new bus routes and that 159 new electric buses […]

Respond to key Oxford transport consultations Sept 2022

Traffic2 Abingdon Road With Bus 20220630 164623 Rtucker

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is consulting on the transport strategy for Oxford and on six traffic filters as part of that. We are excited with these plans as they includes many things we have been campaigning for in recent years. Now we are asking you to support them through this stage of consultation, and some […]

‘Future of Transport in Oxford’ event

Photo from Future of Transport Event July 2022

Event – the Future of Transport in Oxford – 20 July 2022 Oxford’s transport system faces multiple challenges and needs to serve a diverse range of people with diverse needs. With this in mind, CoHSAT organised an open, free, public event with an expert panel to discuss the challenges, potential solutions and how they might affect people. Over […]