Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan (COTP) is an approach by the County Council, as part of the Local Transport & Connectivity Plan, to reduce traffic congestion and improve active and sustainable travel. It was first proposed in 2015, consulted on in 2019 as ‘Connecting Oxford’ and approved, but was delayed due to COVID-19. The wider COTP and strategic Traffic filters were consulted on and approved in 2022, but delayed by Network Rail. They are now (late 2023) expected to be implemented in late 2024.

CoHSAT's work on this issue

During the consultation period in 2019, CoHSAT organised two workshops to solicit views and then submitted a response to the consultation. CoHSAT was supportive of the recommendations in Connecting Oxford, and encouraged these to be strengthened and made bolder.

The Council reviewed feedback at the start of 2020 and decided to move forward with Connecting Oxford. However, the COVID-19 pandemic paused plans for next steps, including a detailed business case and wider stakeholder engagement. 

The new Council in 2021 was elected with a mandate to accelerate work on traffic reduction and sustainable transport. They consulted further on the strategic Traffic Filters, increasing the types of exemption from 4 to over 20. They also approved a wider plan of 23 measures.

Connecting Oxford 1