Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Campaigners Guide

1. Learn from experience of other areas

When starting your own campaign, make connections and learn from people in other places who have successfully implemented LTNs. It is important that everyone understands the basics of LTNs and how they look and work in practice in different locations. Many people in Oxford were inspired by the example of Waltham Forest in London, which received significant funding for their Mini Holland scheme in 2013. The Oxford campaign begun with organising several visits to Waltham Forest, and inviting speakers from that campaign to come to Oxford.

How we did it in Oxford

Tour of Waltham Forest
An initial visit organised by Cyclox to see the amazing changes made in the borough. Feb 2018.
Workshop with invited speaker
Organised jointly with several groups in Oxford. Paul Gasson from Waltham Forest gave an inspiring talk, supporting a focus on liveability & street environment, not just cycling. Oct 2018.
"What is a Mini Holland?" event
Public event at local community centre, with invited speaker Paul Gasson. Jan 2019.
Briefing for local stakeholders
An event to inspire our local councillors & officers, with speakers from Waltham Forest who explained their Mini Holland scheme. Anneliese Dodds MP attended, plus a local school head & other community representatives. Jan 2019.
Stakeholder visits to Waltham Forest
Councillors & officers from Oxfordshire met their counterparts. Locals gave a guided tour of LTNs. In a second trip, several key decision makers met Cllr Clyde Laokes (pictured). Feb-Sept 2019.
Public trip to Waltham Forest
A publicly-advertised visit, for Oxfordshire residents to meet campaigners and have a guided tour. April 2019.
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