The mismatch of narrow pavements and wide roads on certain streets

The width of pavements and roads in relation to their use levels directly affects the safety of the users. For instance, at a certain width, well-used roads become unsafe to cyclists as there is insufficient room for a car to pass a cyclist safely, when a car is coming in the opposite direction. Similarly, with pavements they should be wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass each other and to comply with the Oxfordshire Walking Design Standards, based on the London Pedestrian Comfort Standards.

You can send us your pictures of problem areas for us to investigate below.

    Surveys will be undertaken to establish where problem conditions exist in Oxford and to grade the streets (roads and/or pavements) as red, amber or green. These surveys will be both on foot and via the form on this page and will focus on periods of peak use. On some streets, comparisons will be made between the generous space available for cars and the crowded pavements for pedestrians. A maximum of 10 streets will be analysed.

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