Examining the feasibility of producing an annual ‘state of travel in the county’ report

We want to investigate the potential for an annual ‘state of travel in the county’ report, comprising a wide range of statistics and case studies. There is considerable uncertainty about what data are available and, importantly, what would be the most useful. Initially at least, the study will use the Sustrans Bike Life reports as a model and an earlier partial study undertaken by Robin Tucker of OCN.

We are proposing to do a scoping study on these issues in consultation with transport researchers, activists and all six councils (the five districts and the county council). The case studies from the first grant would provide insights into the effects in reality, together with evidence from other groups, such as OxAir. Part of the project would be to identify how an annual report could be funded.

Front page of Bike Life 2017 Summary Report
Bike Life 2017 Summary Report