15 Min Neighbourhoods Survey

The concept of a 15-minute neighbourhood (15MN) is that the amenities that are most important to you are within a 15-minute walk of your home. This is a developing concept and there is little evidence of what constitutes the ‘most important amenities’ for people in different localities.

CoHSAT will devise a questionnaire asking people to identify the amenities that matter most to them, and those that are important, but less vital. We anticipate that the responses will vary according to the size of the development people live in, ranging from Oxford to small villages in Oxfordshire.

The results will help to inform policy and assist in initiatives that make it more possible for basic amenities to be taken to people, rather than expecting people to travel to them, whether by car or expensive (and infrequent) bus. The effect would be a stronger community and less polluting car travel.