Our Projects

CoHSAT undertakes a number of projects each year. You can see our current projects for 2021-2022 below, or take a look at our previous projects. We are grateful to Low Carbon Hub who have funded many of our current and previous projects.

Election 2021

Elections 2021

CoHSAT put forward a manifesto and carried out a survey for the 6 May 2021 District and County Council  elections.

61.5% of candidates responded, with significant support for active travel issues.

Credit Unsplash Suad Kamardeen Description Oxford City Centre

15-minute neighbourhood survey

CoHSAT conducted a survey of residents across Oxfordshire to understand what expectations they have about 15-minute neighbourhoods.

Credit Flickr Billy Wilson Description Chipping Norton

15-minute neighbourhood Policy paper

CoHSAT has drafted a policy paper exploring the application of 15-minute neighbourhoods within Oxfordshire.


Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

CoHSAT has harnessed the knowledge within Oxfordshire and London community groups to produce two publications about LTNs:

– A guide for campaigners

– An introduction for residents addressing common concerns

Credit Roz Smith Description School Streets Pilot Windmill School Headington

School Travel

CoHSAT conducted research in support of School Streets, to better understand the needs and perspectives of car-driving parents.

Credit Unsplash Phil Hearing Description Cycle Lane

Previous Projects

Our previous projects have focused on reimagining Broad St & St Giles, supporting market town active travel groups and developing a Walkability Index.