Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Oxford is becoming known for its strong support for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), and as a possible ‘go-to’ for information and advice for groups and local authorities around the country. Here we share some of the wealth of knowledge built up in Oxford over the course of campaigning for our LTNs: a leaflet giving information to local residents, alongside a more detailed how-to guide for people hoping to implement an LTN in their own town. We have also compiled a list of links to key evidence on the effects of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

A printed leaflet developed by CoHSAT to explain low traffic neighbourhoods to local residents.

Online guide: How to achieve a Low Traffic Neighbourhood

A step-by-step guide,
with key learning points gleaned from the campaign in Oxford.

The evidence for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

A handy online list of references to scientific studies and reports which evidence the benefits of low traffic neighbourhoods.