Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Oxford is becoming known for its strong support for LTNs and as a possible ‘go-to’ for information and advice for groups and local authorities around the country. There are ten proposed LTNs in Oxford – the first three of which are in Cowley, being implemented from 1 March 2021. Initiatives are being discussed in some of the county towns in Oxfordshire, in particular Witney and Bicester.

CoHSAT will distil the knowledge from the Oxford LTNs, together with the experience of existing non-Oxford LTNs, for instance in Waltham Forest in London. This information will provide support for embryonic LTN groups, in Oxford and beyond, to mobilise and engage their communities. Most of this knowledge exists in the minds of the core members of Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, St Mary’s and Jericho LTNs.

There will be two separate publications – one a guide for campaigners (a) and the other to pass on to the public (b): (a) how to develop the LTN, including obtaining expert advice on street design, preparing surveys, running public meetings and liaising with the council, and (b) explaining to residents what an LTN is, how it works and calming some of people’s concerns. These are both needed if the community is to create a harmonious low traffic neighbourhood that delivers the expectations of the people that live there. Both publications will be professionally produced, available online and will have accompanying videos or slide shows.