15 Minute Neighbourhoods

Local neighbourhoods should be places where people are able to meet and connect with others. This means being able to access amenities
such as supermarkets, cafés, pubs, green spaces, schools, pharmacies, all within a 15-minute walk there and a 15-minute walk back from your own home. The objective is to ensure that more amenities are close to where people live, particularly in rural areas of Oxfordshire, so that they no longer have to travel some distance by car or public transport to access them.

CoHSAT has begun to promote the concept with a view to helping local communities and to advocating for changes to policy and practice of our councils that impacts on developments, however small or large, to stop the current trend of building in car dependency into the everyday lives of so many people. This means ensuring communities are empowered and engaged to champion more local services and work with their own councils as advocates for change.

A survey of residents across Oxfordshire to understand what expectations they have about 15-minute neighbourhoods.

Policy Paper: Understanding the 15 Minute Neighbourhood in Oxfordshire

Recommendations for the city and district councils and to Oxfordshire County Council.

Walkability Index: How easy is it to walk to amenities in Oxford?

Rating streets in Oxford based on their  proximity to supermarkets, green space and other amenities.