Previous Projects

Below you will find details of our previous projects. CoHSAT acknowledges the generous support we received  from the Low Carbon Hub to carry out these projects.


This year, our projects focused on awareness-raising and education. We are particularly delighted about the success of the popup shop and that we have helped six of the market towns take up active travel initiatives. The Walkability Index is a unique contribution to identifying how to improve the amenities in 15-minute neighbourhoods. The Metadata will help groups in their research and comments on the way that active travel is developing in Oxfordshire. And our briefing paper on Bike Hangars provides the launch-pad for Oxford City Council to make cycle parking safer.

Read more about our 2020-2021 projects here:

COHSAT Projects 20-21 Exec Summary

CoHSAT Projects 20-21 Full Report

Election 2021

Elections 2021

CoHSAT put forward a manifesto and carried out a survey for the 6 May 2021 District and County Council elections.

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Annual Conference 2021

CoHSAT’s second annual conference, Active Travel for Oxfordshire, took place online on 15 April 2021.

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Walkability Index

We explored the feasibility of producing a Walkability Index tool for Oxfordshire

Pop Up Experience Description Pop Up Shop Oxford Summer 2020

Pop Up Experience

We created a Popup Experience on projects to improve active travel in Oxford

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Market Towns

We assisted Healthy Streets and Active Travel groups in several market towns


Cycle Parking

We explored the possibilities for of good quality, on-road cycle parking

St Giles Credit Ofa Description Vision For A Better St Giles Drawn By Ofa Architects

St Giles

We explored the opportunities to convert St Giles into a public space


In our first year, activities undertaken by CoHSAT contributed to the debate about reducing travel and emissions in the centre of Oxford. They provided evidence, developed networks and identified next steps.

Read more about our 2019-2020 projects here:

COHSAT Projects 19-20 Exec Summary

CoHSAT Projects 19-20 Full Report


Annual Conference 2020

CoHSAT’s inaugural annual conference, Oxford’s Future Travel, was held in-person on 28 April 2020.

Broad St Credit Flickr Marcin Pieluzek Description Broad St Oxford

Broad St

We explored the possibilities to reduce parking on Broad Street

New Inn Hall St Description New Inn Hall St Oxford

New Inn Hall St

We identified ways to curtail van deliveries on New Inn Hall St

Credit Flickr Billy Wilson Description Road Outside Jesus College Oxford

Oxford Colleges

We conducted research about reducing parking & parcel deliveries at Oxford Colleges

Ox Schools Description Participants At Ox Schools Workshop Held By Cohsat

Active Travel and Schools

We explored how car-based travel to school could be avoided

Florence Park Description Florence Park Survey

Florence Park Survey

We conducted a healthy streets survey of Florence Park residents