Campaign for Oxford Mini Holland smashes crowdfunding target

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Oxford Mini Holland

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets has raised more than £8,500 through crowdfunding for a Mini Holland campaign for the city, including “a costed proposal for a low-traffic residential zone, a video to launch the campaign, and an Oxford Mini Holland Weekend.The inspiration for this project is the group of low-traffic neighbourhoods designed into the streetscape of Waltham Forest, London. These started life as a “Mini Holland”, a reference to the liveability designed into most Dutch towns and cities.

In the crowdfunding campaign, Oxfordshire Liveable Streets said:

The Oxford Mini Holland campaign aims to achieve a step-change in liveability in East Oxford. The focal point is the Florence Park estate, but the design benefits people across East Oxford who use the Florence Park area as a transit or destination every day… This project is a stepping stone on the path to a more liveable Oxford. Realisation will require public enthusiasm and public demand. And these begin with awareness.”

This funding will assist Oxfordshire Liveable Streets with their plan to build safe, active travel and smoother-flowing car movement across the county. This is a blueprint where everyone wins, taking cues from forty-plus years of Dutch experience. From 7-9 September, they will organise the Oxford Mini Holland Weekend, which includes workshops co-sponsored by at Oxford Brookes University (Sept 7), a family-friendly drop-in afternoon at Flo’s Cafe (Sept 8) and a Mini Holland Night at the Florence Park Community Centre (Sept 9). The events will premiere the Liveable-Neighbourhood costings and the Oxford Mini Holland video. To get involved, click below.