Can the UK lead on Climate Change?

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The Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill  seeks to ensure that the UK takes a lead role in limiting global temperatures to 1.5°C by taking account of our entire greenhouse gas footprint, domestically and internationally. This requires urgent action on emissions reduction, and the protection and restoration of ecosystems, by prioritising biodiversity, soils and natural carbon sinks, and mitigating the damage to nature caused by supply chains. Prepared by a team of scientists, academics, lawyers and campaigners, the Bill is sponsored by a cross-party group, and is now supported by 84 MPs.

The CEE Bill Alliance Oxfordshire is hosting an online event on 11th December (5-6.30pm), so all Oxfordshire MPs can engage with a panel of experts, local businesses, community groups, constituents, and young people, around the issues. The meeting is supported by a growing range of organisations, including Oxford Human Rights Festival, Friends of the Earth Oxford, Low Carbon Oxford North, Aspire, Greener Henley, Sustainable Wantage, Abingdon Carbon Cutters and Oxfordshire Liveable Streets.

Register via Eventbrite  here:

How you can support us

•        Sign up to be a named supporter of the CEE Bill (your name/org will be used in our messaging)

•        Agree to be a named supporter of our event (your name/org will be used in our messaging)

•        Prepare a statement telling us why you support us (or perhaps a short video!)

•        Send us your logo for our publicity and press releases

•        Prepare a question to ask your MP during the event

‘Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON) recognises the vital importance of taking action locally to mitigate the worst effects of the climate and ecological emergency. In keeping with this we are delighted to support the CEE Bill by joining the CEE Bill Alliance Oxfordshire. We congratulate our local MP, Layla Moran, on being one of the 82 MPs supporting the bill ( ) and hope the other five local MPs will be moved to do likewise. We look forward to joining all our local MPs at the virtual CEE Bill event on 11th December. This will be an opportunity for MPs to find out more about why the Bill is necessary to address gaps in current legislation and lay the foundation for stronger climate action.’ 

We strongly encourage other individuals and groups to join the CEE Bill Alliance Oxfordshire and attend the virtual event on 11th December.