My life in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood

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From a mother, resident in the Divinity Road Low Traffic Neighbourhood.October 2023 I wasn’t a fan of the concept of LTNs before they were in place as I have a kid under 5 and a baby and was heavily reliant on using the car to get around. Also my husband drives a van for work […]

Road casualties halved in Cowley LTN

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A study of Police data released in September 2023 shows that road casualties in the Cowley Low Traffic Neighbourhood Areas (LTNs) have reduced by about half from their pre-LTN levels. CoHSAT analysed the data in the 3 Cowley LTNs and their boundary roads for 2022 compared to the pre-LTN and pre-Covid period of 2015-2019. They […]

Cowley Road retail shows its resilience in difficult times

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No-one likes a high street with empty stores. The ‘vacancy rate’, the percentage of shops that are empty, or not open for business, is a standard indicator of retail health. In November 2018, Cowley Road had 12 retail vacancies. CoHSAT used Google StreetView and street surveys to find that in July 2023 there were 11 […]

George Monbiot writes on how LTNs liberate streets

Ltn Life Marston Street

Environmentalist George Monbiot used his Guardian column to rail against angry drivers who have vandalised road safety measures in Oxford. He points out the inequity of the dangers faced by those exposed to traffic injuries and pollution – particularly children, and the minor inconveniences imposed on car drivers over the decades that traffic has been […]