CoHSAT Co-Chair is on the Woman’s Hour ‘2020 Power List for Our Planet’ Innovators

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Women Power Hour

We are proud to announce that our very own CoHSAT Co-Chair, Dr Brenda Boardman, has been chosen as one of the 30 names on this year’s Woman’s Hour Power List, which celebrates women from across the UK that are making a significant contribution to the health and sustainability of our planet.

This list celebrates 30 inspiring women whose work is making a significant positive contribution to the environment and the sustainability of our planet.

The problems our planet is facing can feel overwhelming, but these women prove that everyone can make a difference in their own way through creativity, optimism and enthusiasm.

This year’s list is designed to reflect the huge range of roles that are essential to environmental work. Rather than a classic definition of power, the list is made up of an eco-system of women who have power in lots of different ways, but who are all essential in looking after the planet.

Everyone on the list is based in the UK and falls into one of five categories: Decision-makers, Innovators, Communicators, Campaigners and Volunteers.

The Innovators category celebrates the scientific researchers finding answers to the big questions facing our planet, and the innovators creating eco-friendly alternatives that are changing everyday behaviours.

Please listen below from 18:56 and well done Brenda!