Funding received for new CoHSAT activities

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CoHSAT is delighted to have been awarded £5,000 grant funding by the Low Carbon Hub, to undertake five new projects creating attractive, accessible and people-friendly streets across Oxfordshire.

Road transport is the biggest single cause of carbon emissions in Oxfordshire and there has to be a rapid transition to zero carbon transport. The five activities continue the examination of travel-related problems that we started in Healthy Streets and Active Travel Phase 1.

The activities that focus on Oxford will reflect (and hopefully influence) the developing proposals for less motorised traffic in the City, as a result of Connecting Oxford, the Zero Emission Zone and the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Oxford:

  • The opportunities to convert St Giles into a public space;
  • The mismatch of narrow pavements and wide carriageways on certain streets;
  • The provision of good quality, secure, on-road cycle parking where none exists at present;

The activities that focus on Oxfordshire will prepare for and hopefully influence the forthcoming Local Transport and Connectivity Plan 5 (LTCP5):

  • Assisting the development of new Healthy Streets and Active Travel groups in several county towns;
  • Examining the feasibility of producing an annual ‘state of travel in the county’ report that can monitor progress.

In all cases, the activity will continue to build the momentum for less motor vehicles and more cycling and walking and, therefore, cleaner air, healthier happier people and less carbon emissions.