Global Climate Strike – 20th September 2019 – Oxford takes part

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Xr Climate Strike

Over a year has passed since Greta Thunberg began striking from school for the lack of governmental action on the climate crisis. In that time, different groups have mobilised 1.6 million students across the world to strike for the same cause. #FridaysForFutures has become a globally active movement, bringing a powerful youth energy to the struggle for climate justice. Governments across the world have passed climate emergencies – maybe even new climate policies – but not the policies we need.

On the 20th September 2019, the Global Climate Strike is set to be the biggest climate mobilisation in history, calling on adults to join the young people to make our collective voice even louder. Action is planned in over 115 countries and over 1,000 cities already and will take place just three days before the emergency UN climate summit. By walking out of schools and workplaces, we stand together in solidarity to demonstrate that people are no longer willing to continue with business as usual.

Government and politicians listen to the voice of the people – it’s how they stay in power. Studies and history of civil disobedience shows that if just 3.5% of the population is mobilised in sustained action, a campaign will succeed to cause change. That’s what we need to aim for.

How can you get involved?

There are various ways you can be part of the Global Climate Strike. Of course, not everyone can strike. For example, doctors and nurses cannot walk out. Some people would lose their jobs and be financially insecure. So we have come up with different ways to join in, one of which will hopefully will suit everyone.

  • Get together with workmates and friends and take time off from work, or a long lunch break or strike action, in order to join others in Broad Street in the centre of Oxford, on 20th September between 11.30 and 14.30. Bring your trade union banner and your placards.
  • Join the Family Bike Ride in the evening (from 17.00 to 18.30) with Extinction Rebellion and Parents for Future Oxford
  • Approach your place of work and explain the gravity of the climate crisis. Encourage your employer to allow your company or team to take some time off to join the cause. Perhaps they will allow a whole day, or maybe just an early finish, or even flexible working in the week of the strike. If you’re not sure how to request this, you can write to your employer with this template.
  • If you have any annual leave allowance, you could book the day off work. Even one day could make a lot of difference.
  • Encourage others to strike if you can’t.
  • Spread the word on social media.

More information about events happening in Oxford here:

Find a map of all the listed climate strikes here: